Attention: Anyone who has struggled with their weight for years, this will help you discover a way…

Discover The Simple and Easy Proven Methods From a Leading Therapist Who Lost
More Than 1/2 Her Body Weight And Has Maintained It For 30 Years.

“Two Therapists Who Have Had Different
Weight Struggles Reveal Their Proven
Secrets That Empower Anyone To Find
The Weight That Is Right For Them,
Even If You’ve Already Lost All Hope!

Use the Easy Templates included in the Book to Think Yourself to the Inner Slimmer You. Quickly!

Hey, we get that you’ll probably want to check out what some others have had to say…


Valda explains “I have dropped from a Size 20 to a Size 12, my doctor has reduced my medication for my diabetes and my sugar levels are now perfect. My doctor had been telling me for years to lose weight and I just kept asking how? This process has given me the solution I was looking for.”


Penny reveals “I was just addicted to chocolate and desserts, and thought I would never be under 100 kilos again, I am very pleased.”


Walter describes his life changes: “I have a new attitude, a new approach. I am happy and energetic. Life is much easier, down 25 kilos in 5 months”


Glenys drops 18 kilos, halves blood pressure medication and is well on the way to her goal weight, easily and effortlessly.



    Anyone who is really serious about a healthier lifestyle, must read Hey Hey It’s Me!. I found it very interesting & easy to follow. I have already had amazing results on the program, and by reading the book. I have discovered a lot more valuable information to put into practice. Thank you Cas and Heather, my life has changed forever

We totally understand how it might have been for you. It’s rough. You may have been on a roller coaster ride with your weight for years and now it seems that no matter what you do, you always gain the weight right back.

We often hear how heartbreaking this can be and how frustrated you may feel.

It can seem entirely hopeless at times.

We have something we really want to share with you because we know without a doubt that it has the power to take you to a place where you don’t have to hide anymore, where you can live the life you want, and where you can be the person you want to be!

But first let’s ask you some questions to gauge where you are at…

  • How many times have you gone on a diet?
  • Have they worked?
  • Did you gain the weight back?
  • Are you about at the point of despair?
  • Do you believe that it is possible to be at a healthy weight?

That last one is especially telling. If you could relate to any of those questions then we have something that can definitely help you.

In fact, if you choose to “do different” you will never need another “weight loss” book or program again.

Why not?

Firstly, because this isn’t about weight loss, rather, it’s about finding the YOU that you have been hiding and in the process you can change yourself, inside and then out.

And secondly, because the techniques we guide you through on how to maintain the mental attitude that you are going to need and how to permanently sustain a healthy lifestyle so that you never have to go on a diet again are so revolutionary and once learnt, they cannot be unlearnt.

So… what this means is, if you make the commitment to yourself. (not us, to you) and follow the easy steps. It will then be a matter of awareness and repetition.



    Heather and Cas,
    Congratulations, I LOVE IT!!!!
    It really is quite revolutionary and I can’t imagine
    how you managed to fit it all in one book.

Are you ready to break free and let yourself be the person you want to be, so maybe, you don’t have to hide anymore?

What you do need to do is to think and do things differently than you have done in the past.

We are here to ask you, to stick with us, right through all of the steps in the book.

Give it your all and don’t give up!

This process is different.

There is hope.

This is a Step-by-Step program that we have transformed into a “to do” book.

The book has easy steps and activities spread right throughout the chapters to help you change and think differently about yourself and the food you are choosing to fuel yourself with.

This is much more than a book, it’s a guide to take you by the hand because we believe in the power that’s within you!



    Cas and Heather’s new book is not just a ‘How To’ book, though it certainly is that: it’s a ‘Let’s Do’ book, with heaps of activities and exercises for anyone who wants to really change their life.

    It’s true that the book is written from the heart, as the authors’ own stories, told here at the start of the book, reveal. However, it’s also a book informed with decades of clinical experience in hypnotherapy and counselling, so there’s a world of knowledge based on real people’s own stories.

    The authors don’t pretend they can magic away your weight – but if you’re finally ready to change and willing to do the work, then this book will help you commit to action.”

Here are Just a Few of the Techniques That You Will Discover Inside:

  • Diet and lifestyle are not the main things to focus on at first
  • How to steer yourself onto the right track and find what is best for you
  • Find hope and learn to be inspired
  • How to get past the past to create a different future
  • How to truly nourish your body
  • Finding balance within yourself
  • How to change your language and change your mindset, allowing your body to do what it needs to do
  • How to never worry about going on a diet again
  • How to feel satisfied with food and with yourself
  • What it really is about that will have you feeling great!
  • How to live a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to be you and to be healthy
  • And of course there is so much more in between the front and back covers.

A book like this is entirely different from what you might have come across in the past.

This has the tools within it that can allow you to break free from the never-ending cycles that only end up with you becoming physically bigger and your love for your internal self, becoming less with each failed attempt.

It really is not worth putting yourself through that pain (again).

So… you need a change.

You need to prepare to think and do different!

Ellen from the promotions company explains how:

“The Authors have a Message That You Can Really Benefit from Hearing!”
(If you’re ready of course. And it is okay if you are not, it’s just not your time.)

“The passion that Cas Willow and Heather Richards have for reaching out to others and bringing the hope that change is possible is absolutely inspiring and comes through on every single page of this book. They guide you every step of the way, leading you to build and find the life that supports and loves you back.

Having worked with numerous people who have lost hope, who don’t believe it is possible and who have “tried” over and over, even to the point of surgery, Cas and Heather decided it was time to reveal their stories, in the hope that others realise there is hope and so that they too can benefit from them sharing their knowledge and possibly decide it is time to change their lives.”

To view what Cas and Heather have to say about their new revolutionary book, Hey Hey It’s Me!
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If you feel you could be still carrying around baggage from your childhood torment, then you may want to have a look at some ways to clean the slate.

What about this one… “I am an emotional eater”, we hear this one all the time, and we’ve got this covered too.

And if you just don’t know when to stop, then you are going to love that part of the book as well.

Imagine… Walking into a normal department store and buying clothes straight off the rack again.

This Can Really Be A Life Changer

This book really does hold the difference many people are looking for, although they might not know it. It brings peace, acceptance, and empowerment because, as Cas and Heather say, “Once your mind is right, the rest simply just follows.”

“If you have been a long term dieter and someone who struggles with weight, then this book is definitely for you, it can teach and guide you through everything you need to know to change your language, change your approach, and finally find success.”

You’re probably beginning to notice that a pretty wide variety of people have noticed the benefits of following the principals in “Hey Hey It’s Me!”

Just hear on this website you’ve heard from doctors, teachers, therapists, clients, authors, publicity officers and others that we have no idea of their profession, but what we do know is that they are from a wide cross section of the community.

So we hope you can now see how “Hey Hey It’s Me!” can help you start your journey to a permanent healthy lifestyle and a slimmer, fitter you when it comes to dropping weight.

You’re not too far away now from being on your way to a weight that is right and healthy for you.

So what’s the price tag of all this?

Well, if you add up the costs of what you are not going to need (all that extra food) and then add in the cost of all those lollies and the future health care. Woo… then we have a priceless little book worth hundreds if not thousands.

And then if you add in the education and the templates…

Well this is like one of those expensive weight loss programs, but it is ALL here in a do-it-yourself step-by-step system.

But here… what we have done is pile it all into one book…

And we’re not going to charge you $997, $497 or even $197.

Rather, we really just want to help you and you can grab the book and audio combo in Australia for as little as 50 bucks.

And if you want to get the Amazon Kindle version, well that is just ridiculous.

There is a staggering 7 Steps and 32 Activities included to help you achieve your weight loss goals sooner than you ever thought possible in your wildest dreams.

All that is left for you to do, is work out which version you want.

If you are somewhere else in the world except Australia, choose the Amazon option right here below.

But… if you are in Australia, choose whatever option you wish.

All You Have To Do Is Make a Choice.

You have no control over external circumstances, you can only control yourself.

The first step to any change is to take that control and make a choice.

Hey, Hey, It’s Me! will, if you allow it, have you on the path to a healthy, loving life if you just follow the simple steps.

IF…. You have “tried” everything else and now feel that this is your last chance and IF you are READY… then it is time for something simple, however radically different.

Believe… Change is Possible!

You just have to do something different.

Grab your copy today and see the difference in yourself.

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Cas Willow and Heather Richards discuss how their
book will help guide you through the steps required for long-term weight management.

We hear it all the time“in order to maintain a weight that is right and healthy for you, you have got to get your head right!”

If you have been a long term dieter and someone who struggles with weight, then discover how you need to change your language and what you say to yourself if you are ever going to have success.