One of Australia’s Leading Long-Term Counsellors and Hypnotherapists, Combined with Long-Term Business Owner and Marketing Consultant to Openly Reveal…

How To Attract More Clients,
So You Can Fulfil Your Career-Changing Dream…
To Stay In, Or Transition To, A Full-Time Private Practice.

YES! Discover, How to Build Your Hypnotherapy Practice Using
This Complete and Adaptable Practitioner
Weight Management Program…

That’s Flexible As Well As Structured, Sound and Based On
Reputable Modalities.

Plus As An Added BONUS, It Comes With The Relevant Client Form
Templates and A Business and Website Marketing Strategy, From
One of Australia’s Leading Direct Response Marketing Teams.

Now You Will Understand Why There’s No Comparison… Anywhere.

Finally… it’s ready.

Imagine for a moment, that you were confident in the knowledge that the program you chose not only gave you the lessons and the learnings about weight management, but it also saved you some of your precious and valuable time.

What a relief, no hassles, you don’t have to develop the forms and templates they are all there for you in the manual.

And imagine you have the choice to go with the structured program or one that is flexible and adaptable and not only to weight.

Yes, you’ll be glad to know that most of the tools in the program can be used and adapted to help you work with your clients presenting with, and having symptoms of other issues, such as; anxiety, depression, addictions and many more.

We understand that your Professional Development dollars are important.

So… you can rest assured that each and every tool, tip and technique in the program has been researched and based on referenced theory.

You see, Cas has a constant, burning, life-long desire and curiosity to learn, and it is really important to her that what she learns and teaches is based on credible theory.
So if you were wondering about that, you can rest assured, all the references are clearly marked in the manual.

We are going to take you step-by-step through the benefits of our therapeutic weight program, but before we go into that, we want you to understand why we haven’t released our program earlier.

Let us explain…

We understand that a good weight management program can be the back bone of a sound hypnotherapy private practice.

But don’t get us wrong…

You need more than just the program…


  • You need to understand the numbers.
  • Know how you are going to get people in the door.
  • Balance business and personal time.
  • How much to charge.
  • What you need for a website.
  • And… what you need to put out there on social media.

We could go on, but you’re getting the picture, yes?
There are heaps of other weight management programs around, you’ve probably seen plenty.

  • Some of them focus on diets and food.
  • Temporary fixes (yo-yo dieting ideas) for the clients, rather than permanent solutions.
  • Or worse still, they have been developed by people who have only been therapists for what seems like 5 minutes. They only have the knowhow and training to understand the surface stuff (sure some of them mean well) but they often have insufficient training or no real understanding of the deep core issues that are associated with weight.

God forbid, we have even heard of therapists kicking clients out of their program because they weren’t doing what they were told.

Now surely you would agree…

That is, not only not helpful to the client.

That could well be downright harmful and it is sure unethical. (Every mental health association would include a general principal in their ethical policy somewhere that includes “do no harm”.

We understand that in order to succeed, you need more than just a program…

So… what we have here, it is the real deal.

  • Ethical!
  • Based on Solid Researched Modalities (not just the writers opinions).
  • And Supportive. (we want you to succeed, naturally, because that is good for us too).

Cas has been a therapist since like forever (almost since Moses was a boy in shorts), well the early 90’s anyway. And although she is really humble about her long and esteemed career and list of qualifications, if you want to check them out for yourself, you are more than welcome to do so.

You’ll notice that while she has a Masters in Counselling, a Grad. Dip in Professional Supervision, and various other qualifications. She also appears to be going for the World Record in the number of government accredited Diploma’s that one person holds (I wonder what that is out of curiosity).

And Heather, well she has been in business for herself since the age of 23. So she has ran a few successful marketing campaigns and knows a lot about website design and search engine optimisation (SEO).

What you may not know is that one of Heather’s hats is as the “go to” person for one of Australia’s Leading Copy Writers.

She is a consultant for them to run their “BIG IDEAS” by about the psychotherapy industry.

They’re an amazing marketing team!

They actually took one company from $3m to $40m annual turnover.

(But… they work with small businesses too).

And Heather is going to share many strategies with the Hey Hey It’s Me! Therapists, just to help you along in your business in general.

Because, let’s face it..

Without business strategies, there is no clients and without clients, there is no business.

So… For Those Who Demand All Round Excellence…
Let’s Get You Started.

This is what is included:

1) A Massive 300 Page – Full Colour Manual (which includes the structured and the flexible program layouts). Notice that it is spirally bound, so you can easily photocopy and duplicate the forms you need to use.

2) All of the Client History and Information Gathering Forms

3) The Weight Management Deep Diving Questioning List to ask your clients (and the never seen before in any other program, the list for therapists to refer to, for what they are looking for from the clients answers and why).

4) The Exclusive 2 Day Therapist Training on DVD (The set has been completely edited so we are not wasting your valuable time, waiting for people to sit down after a cuppa break etc.).

5) A 50% Discount Voucher off the set-up of your Digital Business Card.

6) Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing Training via Online Training Sessions (see details below).

7) Access to unique email address for Hey Hey It’s Me! Therapists to Ask Questions

8) Invited to Closed Hey Hey It’s Me! Therapists Facebook group

9) Invitation to complete assessment to be listed as a HHIM Therapist on the Website. (hence referrals from our site direct to you)

10) Webinar on how to keep effective Case Notes.

11) Webinar to help you discover What Supervision Really is…

12) Plus 7 Steps to the Power of Questions

13) Discover How to Effectively Unpack a Question

14) Exploring ACT and Mindfulness

15) and… The Secrets Behind Motivational Interviewing.

Think about what this means...

For As Little As Just One New Paying Client…
You’ve Got All This Covered…

Yes! So if you want a weight management program (one of the basics for any hypnotherapy practice), that is flexible.

Has many of the tools and techniques that are adaptable, enabling you to use them with clients who present with other problems too.

Plus you get ALL the forms you can use or model off.

And your own copy of the training DVD’s, so you are able to refresh at any time.

Plus a discount voucher to claim a Digital Business Card at half price.

As well as being invited to join in the online training to help you with online and offline marketing. And there’s a pile more…

But we’re sure you are probably getting the picture.


So… if you’re REALLY committed… then you’re on the right page.

Because you’ll have access to support and assistance.

Plus listing and referrals from the website, once trained and assessed.

And some webinar replays to cover off on some of your professional development requirements.

Speaking of Webinars…

We have plenty, but the ones you are not going to want to miss are the

Copywriting and Marketing Webinars

Some of the things we are going to cover off include:

  • The Purpose of Your Website and What You Need On It
  • Getting the 3 C’s of Marketing on Track
  • How to Attract More Clients

If you are interested and want to reserve one of the limited places on the original webinars, so that the questions, being asked and addressed are more relevant to you.

Then select one of the ways below to reserve your place right now.

The software only allows 50 places.

“Okay, sounds fantastic, but how much will it cost?”

We hope you can see how Hey Hey It’s Me! can help you start feeling safe, secure and supported in your therapy business when it comes to being successful as a hypnotherapist in private practice.

With Hey Hey It’s Me! you have many of the tools to be well on your way to having an amazingly successful private practice.

One that you can be truly proud of.

So, what’s the price tag of all this?

Well, if you add up the cost of all of the resources and training that you will not have to invest in, this program would easily be worth $4,324.00 and that’s without the cost of the extra PD days you would need to include.

And talking PD. For those therapists in Australia, the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) have also approved the Hey Hey It’s Me! Therapist Training Program as a recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Course for Hypnotherapy.

Then add on direct response copywriting training and the business marketing information, then surely you could conservatively add on an additional $2,000.00 for that (and believe me that is a very conservative price).

But here’s what we’re going to do…

We’re not going to charge $3,997, or $2,997, or at the moment even $1,997 for this (credible and referenced) game changing program.

Rather, as an introductory offer, for a limited few we’re going to let you have the entire program, with the support for just $997. And that includes ALL the bonuses FREE to help you achieve success and your goals in your business sooner rather than later.

Different ways to order.

  • Call to order by phone

  • Prefer to send your order
    via email

  • to order via PayPal

  • Want to pay by Direct Deposit
    Contact Us for Bank Details


  • The Hey Hey Its Me!
    Therapists Distance
    Training Program

    (The Cost is Covered with Just One New Client on the Minimum Program)

IF Hey Hey It’s Me! is not absolutely everything we claim it to be… send us an immediate email and we will work with you to address any concerns.

Because we want to improve our service and product and continue to have it develop and grow, we will ask you a few questions and give you a prompt and courteous refund.

We are not sure how long we will keep this special price, inclusive of all of these special marketing and copywriting lesson bonuses, as realistically we only have enough hours in the week to offer personal help to a limited number, but since you’re here now, you are able to grab the whole lot now (including the special support with us) for $997.00.

Jump on board quickly, because the marketing and copywriting webinars are about to start.

Once we reach our limit, we will have to close this opportunity as it stands and when the doors open again, many of the personal bonuses and access will have changed.

Immediate Action Takers Bonus

Action takers, we all love action takers (we are no different). We like to be rewarded when we take action fast, and we figure you do too.

So if this section is still on this web page and you are one of those “Action Taking” types of people, we are rewarding you by giving you an extra cash incentive for knowing what you want and acting upon it.

For all of you others…

Well this is a prod, a poke, a nudge and even an ethical bribe to get you on board quickly, so you can benefit from a great training program backed by some excellent business tips and coaching.

So if you are in the first 20 to pick up the phone, send through an email, order online or however you want to place your order, and say or enter the coupon code “Take off $100”. We are cutting a further $100 off the price for you, making it a remarkably high value package at a ridiculously low price of just $897.00. (to claim the discount coupon you will need to call or click on the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button. The coupon is not available via Paypal).

If you want it, if you are in and don’t need any more convincing that this is the program for your business, then call now on +61 428 655 270 (if you have to leave a message, please speak slowly and clearly, especially when it comes to your name and number).

NOTE: This Action Takers Bonus Price Will Expire Without Warning.

Here’s What Others Who Have Attended Training with Cas and Heather have to say…

  • Alec discusses the benefits

  • Sheila Granger hunts down Cas Willow

  • Lian Recommends The Therapists Training

  • Deb's Speaks Highly on Cas' Ability to Teach

  • A privilege to be a part of the training

Here's What Some Others Had To Say About The "Hey Hey It's Me!"
Support Book For The Clients



    If you are ready to become more knowledgeable about a balanced life and body, you may want to take some time and read this book carefully.



    Hey Hey It’s Me provides the kind of emotional support and sensible advice that can make the difficult challenge of losing weight and keeping it off easier. Willow and Richards also provide activities to help build the necessary mindset, and these provide an especially good foundation for redefining one’s relationship with food and one’s body in healthier directions.Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist.



    Cas and Heather’s new book is not just a ‘How To’ book, though it certainly is that: it’s a ‘Let’s Do’ book, with heaps of activities and exercises for anyone who wants to really change their life.

    It’s true that the book is written from the heart, as the authors’ own stories, told here at the start of the book, reveal. However, it’s also a book informed with decades of clinical experience in hypnotherapy and counselling, so there’s a world of knowledge based on real people’s own stories.

    The authors don’t pretend they can magic away your weight – but if you’re finally ready to change and willing to do the work, then this book will help you commit to action.”



    Heather and Cas,
    Congratulations, I LOVE IT!!!!
    It really is quite revolutionary and I can’t imagine
    how you managed to fit it all in one book.



    Anyone who is really serious about a healthier lifestyle, must read Hey Hey It’s Me. I found it very interesting & easy to follow. I have already had amazing results on the Program, and by reading the book I have discovered a lot more valuable information to put into practice. Thank you Cas & Heather, my life has changed forever.



    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I’ve read a few health/diet books in my time and I felt that yours was by far the most realistic and pragmatic! I decided to read a chapter a day, so that I could inwardly absorb and digest the information, and that worked well for me.

    As a big believer in your thoughts can change your life, your book really resonated and I loved the affirmation about being lean, healthy and vibrant. Apart from that, two other things stood out:

    1) Referring to ‘dropping’ weight rather than ‘losing’ it; and,
    2) Eliminating ‘hope’ and ‘try’ from my vocabulary.

    Those two suggestions were ‘light bulb’ moments for me.

    I hope the book is the outstanding success it deserves to be. Thank you both!

What you get Valued Your Cost
300 Page – Full Colour Manual $699.00 FREE
Client History and Information Gathering Forms $97.00 FREE
Weight Management Deep Diving Questioning $197.00 FREE
Hey Hey It's Me! 2 Day Therapists Training $997.00 $897.00
Exclusive 2 Day Therapist Training DVD Set $397.00 FREE
Digital Business Card 50% Discount Voucher $249.00 FREE
Direct Response Copywriting and Marketing Training $497.00 FREE
Access to unique email address for Questions $240/Yr FREE
Invited to Closed Hey Hey It’s Me! Therapists Facebook group $47/Mth x 12 FREE
HHIM Therapist Listing on the Website $147/Yr FREE
Webinar on how to keep effective Case Notes $40.00 FREE
Webinar on What Supervision Really is… $40.00 FREE
Webinar on 7 Steps to the Power of Questions $40.00 FREE
Webinar on How to Effectively Unpack a Question $40.00 FREE
Webinar on Exploring ACT and Mindfulness $40.00 FREE
and… Webinar on The Secrets Behind Motivational Interviewing $40.00 FREE
Hey Hey It's Me! Weight Management Program Total Value $4,324.00
Your Special Early Bird Price $997.00 $897.00
Your Total Savings $3,427.00

So what do you think?

Procrastinating on this one could mean missing out on an amazing introductory offer and it could be a costly business decision and a huge professional growth mistake.

Different ways to order.

  • Call to order by phone

  • Prefer to send your order
    via email

  • to order via PayPal

  • Want to pay by Direct Deposit
    Contact Us for Bank Details


The worst decision we make in life, is not making a decision (sitting on the fence) at all.

So make that decision now and pick up the phone, call +61 428 655 270. (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

All other times, you are able to leave a message (remember to let us know if you are in another time zone, so we don’t call you back in the middle of your night).

Remember… a really important point to note, is just one new client on the weight management program has paid for your investment.

Each client after your first is profit, you are making money.

Want more…

Interested in professionals doing your main website copy, lead magnets or emails?

Keep reading…

What do you reckon?

Sounds good to learn all about marketing and what you need to write on your website.

But have you got the time to do it?

Do you feel like there is still a piece of the jigsaw puzzle missing?

Yep… for some of us, it is one thing to know and another all together to do.

… do you feel you want more than to learn about what you need to write on your website and if you are Interested in having your Website Copy Done for You

then enquire here.

If you want to be the…

Then you may want to enquire about our combined…


package, complete with a copywriting and marketing package over seen by one of Australia’s leading Marketing Makeover companies.

This is a package like no other.

And to be honest, this is not for the therapist that just wants to plod along. No, this is for the therapist that is ready to work with us full on to make a difference and leave a legacy.

Naturally, this is not for everyone, we are looking for just a handful of founding members now. So if you want to work with Cas as your therapy Coach and Mentor and Heather as your Marketing and Copy Writing Coach and Mentor, send through an email with your Name, Email Address, Location, and Phone number and we will be in touch.

We are really looking forward to helping you take your private practice business to the next level...

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Westpac Bank - CaS Therapy
(Australia Only )

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